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General, cosmetic, restorative, and emergency dental care solutions for adults and children

Welcome to Best Smiles!

Our practice is available to help patients in and around the community of Henrico and Richmond, Virginia, with their oral healthcare needs. Our practice is equipped with the latest technologies and equipment to offer the best possible care for patients. Using modern equipment with traditional experience and skill is what makes Dr. Naveen Chennupati an excellent provider for adults and children.

What services are available?

We aim to provide a wide array of services for patients who need help with their oral health and wellness. We assist individuals by providing a proper diagnosis and discussing possible treatment options for their needs. 

Our team encourages patients to visit the practice every six months as recommended by the American Dental Association. These appointments, called recall appointments, allow patients to achieve and maintain good oral health and wellness over a lifetime. It also provides our dental team a chance to look for the early signs of problems such as tooth decay or periodontal disease, which can significantly damage the smile.

Below are a few services provided in our facility for patients in the community of Richmond, Virginia:

  • Dental examinations – our dental team can evaluate a patient’s smile and look for signs of concern, including early detection of gum disease and cavities.
  • Dental cleanings – dental hygienists will clean the teeth and remove plaque, calculus, and tartar. Our hygienists are also trained on spotting early signs of problems that might need to be brought to the dentist’s attention.
  • Fillings – cavities found can be treated with dental fillings, which are tooth-colored repairs to restore the function and health of a tooth impacted by tooth decay.
  • Dental crowns – restorations such as dental crowns are commonly used to protect teeth and offer an extra layer of strength for teeth that might have become weak from damage or trauma.
  • Dental emergencies – the unexpected can happen at any time; we provide same-day appointments for prompt care that will preserve your tooth and give you immediate relief.

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Best Smiles is conveniently located in Henrico, VA, at 9195 Staples Mill Road. If you are interested in dental care and affordable treatments, we encourage you to call the practice of Dr. Naveen Chennupati. The office is open to new patients and families in the community of Richmond, VA.

Dr. Naveen Chennupati

About Dr. Naveen Chennupati

Patients in and around Henrico and Richmond, Virginia, are fortunate to have access to sophisticated and truly caring dentistry, courtesy of Dr. Naveen Chennupati.

Dr. Chennupati brings to the Greater Richmond region a wealth of clinical experience, rigorous training and, moreover, a strong commitment to the patients and communities that he serves.

Following the completion of residency program at prestigious Ivy League, Columbia University College of Dental Medicine, NY. Dr. Chennupati worked for more than 10 years in the dental industry. He has successfully completed thousands of root canal procedures to preserve patients’ teeth. He also has a special knack for putting kids at ease. So, younger patients don’t fear the dentist. They get off to a healthy start!

Success Stories

Testimonial 1

I am Dr. Stan Zildiack and I have had the privilege of working with Dr. Chennupati back in 2012 to 2015, at a large pediatric clinic. He had gotten there a few years before I did but one of the first things that stuck out when I got out of the practice is Dr. Chennupati’s rapport with not only the staff and other doctors but especially with the patients. They were eager to see him despite it being a dental visit and he got many requests to be seen by him and only him. His work was always very proficient, he was always trying to do kind of the more difficult kind of cases, push himself, expand his boundaries, and keep up with the latest dental literature and technologies. He became kind of our in-house Endodontist as well, tackling root canal cases. 3 years I worked with that practice and I maybe referred out about 5 or less, cases that required an actual Endodontist. He became that proficient at it. I think any patient will be happy with his services and any future doctors and staff will be happy to work next to him, and I wish him the best of luck in his next endeavor.

Testimonial 2

Hi there my name is Mauricio Herrera, I am a board certified oral and maxillo facial surgeon practicing in orchid Virginia. I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Chennupati over 6 years ago and we used to work in the same office. And I have to say he is not only a great dentist but also a knowledgeable and caring doctor. His passion of always wanting to learn in the dental field is admirable and he is always active and a hard working doctor. When it comes to ethics, and values it is exemplary and the thing to admire is that he is very family oriented, and always thinks of others. I am glad to have him in town as a dentist serving our community. (thumbs up)